"Our relationship with Strategic Financial Planning has spanned 8 years and on reflection has been a partnership with a shared vision for our lifestyle goals along the journey.

The long term objectives have always been to secure a comfortable retirement but along the way achieving many life goals including home improvements, overseas holidays, funding family major events, education etc that have all required planning. Strategic have always been there to provide sound advice both on a macro level and to address our individual needs. Advice has always been offered in a succinct way having complete understanding of our goals.

Todd and his team earned our total confidence very early on as being willing to listen, understand and care about our future and that of our family. Whilst we enjoy our regular twice a year reviews Todd is always available to offer advice on the many issues that arise along the way.

Managing investment portfolios can be complex, but our relationship with Strategic has helped keep these decisions much simpler. This will result in us transitioning to retirement over the coming years with confidence in being able to maintain the lifestyle we have been accustomed to."

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